White Bronco

On 405 North, LAPD black and whites are in hot pursuit of the white Bronco driven by A.C. Cowlings. OJ Simpson is in the back seat holding a gun. Policemen wearing blue caps are behind the wheels of the number 2 and number 54 cars. As a reference to Rodney King a “We treat you like a king” oval sign is applied to the back doors of the police cars. A mirror written “Police” on a rectangular sign is applied to the front doors, placed on top of a small white star. The license plate reads “No to DNA”. The highway lays on a ground composed of a bed of white, orange and brown pebbles. On its underside and in the center of the weight is a round signature cane with the artist’s full name written in calligraphic cursive. The cane has violet, blue, green, yellow, orange rings and the date 2001 Diameter 4 “. One of two.

Portia Paperweights, Inc.
1702 N. Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60647