Pansy and Rose Chequer

Thirteen pansy canes in pink, purple, blue, and white, and twelve Clichy-type rose canes, in pink, white, yellow, and green, separated by a trellis of crisscrossed white strings, on a ruby red ground. “Parabelle’s trademark has come to be its unique pansy cane. A former florist, Gary Scrutton has always had a special fondness for these flowers. He had seen numerous lamp-worked pansies in paperweights, but never a pansy cane. The challenge to create such a complex piece of millefiori was irresistible to Scrutton.” Reference: 1993-1994 Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association. Ruby red base. Signed “Parabelle Glass Artist Proof 1998”. Diameter 3 1/4″.


Gail Mariem