A dark green three-dimensional lizard crawls over a rocky earth ground with an upright plant featuring a pink flower with yellow filament and black anthers on emerald green leaves. 1999 Diameter 5”. The magnum lizard weight was inspired by the rare Pantin reptiles. The main objective was not to merely replicate their work but to pick up where they left off. Victor Trabucco is the first maker to master the art of encasing such a large subject in glass. (LH Selman; All about paperweights. ISBN 0-933756-17-8). The lizard paperweight is the one which I feel had the most impact on my career lizard has over five hundred scales, which are applied one at a time to create the organic effect of the body. The environment of the piece is completed with the earth ground and the dimensional plant. (V. Trabucco; Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collector Association. 2000)

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