Indian Cube

Compound weight. The Indian is on the upper level, his face painted white, wearing head and armbands, leather shorts and moccasins. His hands are on the rim of a large round hole opening on the sandy desert ground. He is kneeling as he looks down to the lower level. On his right is a narrow shovel, which was used to dig the hole that leads to the lower level. On his left is a rope with a hook at its end, which was used to retrieve two different sized white and black colored pots, placed in front of him. The lower level also has a sandy desert ground with blue, and yet to be retrieved white and black colored pots of different sizes and geometric designs, along with turquoise beads. One of three. Signed and dated 99. Number 1038 Cube 1 7/8” * 2 7/8” * 2 7/8”.

Steve Cole
23897 Corte Emerado
Murrieta, California 92562